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Lily Figuera - Naughty Workout
Dripping wet in sweat from the hard workout.

Lily Figuera

It's naughty workout time. See me bent over, wet, and sweaty. Watch as I spread open my little moist kitty during this extra naughty workout video. Watch as I rub my plump, oiled up breasts and spread open my legs as far as I can, showing all the pink and tasty insides. I spread open so far, I reveal all of my petite Asian delights. And, of course, enjoy all the super close up booty spreads and tight camera shots of my tiny, cute little butthole. The best part about this video is the bonus, behind the scenes, cam video. I talk extra dirty in this one, and I even make a lolipop disappear. Nothing better than lolipop juice mixed in with my dripping wet creamy treats. Two videos for the price of one!
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