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Model: CJ Miles
Title: Getting Ready
Video Length: 6:32 min
Description: CJ Miles getting ready in the new delicious video. Get a little peak of how CJ gets ready for all her fans.

Model: Mia Valerio
Title: Short Jeans
Video Length: 3:45 min
Description: Lusciously, voluptuous, and curvaceous are only a few adjectives that come to mind when you think of Mia Valerio. She's as hot as she looks and you don't want to piss her off, she bites...

Model: Alice Bradley
Title: Asian Green
Video Length: 2:25 min
Description: Alice's first video finally released after a long wait. And if you liked the photoset than you really like the video that was shot with it. Enjoy essence of Alice Bradley

Model: CJ Miles
Title: Sample
Video Length: 2:15 min
Description: Here is a video from her new website she just launched recently. Enjoy this little taste of what is all about.

Model: Alice Bradley
Title: Serve It Up
Video Length: 1:38 min
Description: This video is of the photo shoot we did with Alice at Level 3 night club in Hollywood. She was a blast to work with, if you have ever met her you'd agree.

Model: Black Barbi
Title: Pink Pleasure
Video Length: 3:11 min
Description: Christina now Black Barbi will be coming out with her own site very soon I've been told, and she promises not to disappoint. However, until then you can enjoy this sexy video of Black Barbi at her finest.

Model: Mia Valero
Title: Rack This
Video Length: 2:44 min
Description: This classic video of Mia is one for the books, she's so gorgeous you'll forget about all the other girls in the world. By far one of our favorite models to work with as you can see in this video.

Model: Black Barbi
Title: Pink Pleasure
Video Length: 3:11 min
Description: If you liked the first video of Black Barbi you're in luck with the new one, becuase she's even hotter. She's not worried to spread her legs and let you peak at the sweet chocolate in between.

Model: CJ Miles & Friends
Title: Girls Night Out
Video Length: 4:50 min
Description: Image a bedroom full of the hotest asian girls around, well your wish just came true in this exclusive inside look in the life of CJ Miles. For more check out her website for exclusive content and more.

Model: Nina Kay & Kailiyah Rey
Title: Girls Night In
Video Length: 3:37 min
Description: These two hotties seem to really know hot to have fun in the tub. Don't miss out on the bubble bath that these girls give each other.
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