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Model: Frankie
Title: Country Fresh
Video Length: 3:56 min
Description: Frankie should be added to the other 7 wonders of the world, because there is nothing else like her. Not only does she endow a nice set of "eyes" she has a warm and sweet personality. If you've ever been fortunate to lay your eyes on her you'd wish you'd never let her at of your sight.

Model: Annika Eve
Title: Upskirt Please
Video Length: 3:48 min
Description: This little number of Annika Eve will keep you wanting more and more. She puts the "Sin" in Sin City Las Vegas, where she calls home and her playground. If you've ever met her you'd never forget her, I promise. So keep an eye out if you're ever out in Vegas, who knows you might run into her.

Model: Christina Hall
Title: Kitchen Mayhem
Video Length: 6:30 min
Description: Here's a different look of what Christina Hall is really like she's funny, intellegent, and so damn hot. This behind the scene video will give all you a guys a little insight in what goes on behind the cameras.

Model: Susan Dumagan
Title: Bath Time Fun
Video Length: 2:32 min
Description: Playboy Cybergirl, Susan Dumagan is at it again in this bath time extravaganza. She reminds us of childhood memories of taking a bath can still be just as fun, especially with her in it.

Model: Christina Hall
Title: Bathing Beauty
Video Length: 1:51 min
Description: She's known for being a Stuff magazine "Hometown Hottie" for three straight years. She's as sweet as she looks, but is still hot enough to melt your heart.

Model: Lana Jolee
Title: Blue Hawaii
Video Length: 2:35 min
Description: Lana Jolee is much more than beauty she's a graduate in molecular biology from a prestigious University, UCSD.

Model: Lyla Dee
Title: Bath Time Bloopers
Video Length: 2:40 min
Description: Lyla Dee's at it again, being as goofy as anyone can be. Check this video out and you'll see the real Lyla Dee at work.

Model: Susan Dumagan
Title: Prep School
Video Length: 3:06 min
Description: Susan Dumagan is a one of kind gem. Her beauty comes around only once in awhile and in this video she shines like a million dollars.

Model: Diamond D
Title: Black Beauty
Video Length: 2:07 min
Description: Never seen before, Diamond D's first video is finally released. She was one of the first Nitin Girls to grace our pages, so please give way to one of our hottest models.
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