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Model: Marcell Cartier
Title: Marcell Shower
Video Length: 4:28 min
Description:Shower in a bikini can be sexy, but what we all really enjoy is taking it off.

Model: Alexx Zen
Title: Tasty Orange
Video Length: 4:53 min
Description:Deliciously tasty is Alexx Zen in this new video. She puts all the other Japanese girls to shame.

Model: LG
Title: Sexy in White
Video Length: 3:56 min
Description:As innocent as she looks in white, you know what they always say, "looks can be deceiving."

Model: Genevive Valente
Title: Yellow Bikini
Video Length: 3:37 min
Description:Deliciously packed in a yellow bikini, you get to check out Genevive Valente rip it all right off.

Model: Alexx Zen
Title: Leopard Remix
Video Length: 5:35 min
Description:What more can a guy want besides watching a hot Japanese girl bent over in this video release?

Model: Alexx & Genevive
Title: Alexx Plus Genevive
Video Length: 4:24 min
Description:Double the pleasure, and double the fun with Genevive and Alexx Zen.

Model: LG
Title: Pink and Black
Video Length: 4:00 min
Description:New on the scene LG stops the flow of traffic whenever she crosses the street.

Model: Lily Figuera
Title: Yummy Leopard
Video Length: 5:50 min
Description:Lily Figuera is absolutely purrrfect in this sexy video as a new glamour nude model.

Model: Lily Figuera
Title: Green Top
Video Length: 4:38 min
Description:Lily Figuera is absolutely stunning in this deliciously shot video.

Model: Lily Figuera
Video Length: 5:05 min
Description:Wearing white and looking innocent is this deliciously devilish diva's costume.
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