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Model: Mia Valerio
Title: Laker Girl
Video Length: 4:07 min
Description:Back to back Mia Valerio, who could ask for more? If you're not a Laker fan already maybe after this video you'll have a change of heart.

Model: Mia and CJ
Title: Mia and CJ
Video Length: 6:29 min
Description:If this video won't make your mouth water I don't know what will. CJ Miles and Mia Valerio bathing in the same shower, who could want anything else.

Model: Cristal Vang
Title: Black Robe
Video Length: 4:18 min
Description:Cristal Vang one of the few Hmong models in the industry, she is by far the hottest. And if you don't believe me feel free to check out this video and find out why.

Model: Veronica Ricci
Title: Toys Toys
Video Length: 4:39 min
Description:The title says it all see Veronica Ricci play with a vibrator in this sexy video. Watch her get wet when she rubs herself and turns the vibrator to the ultimate play date.

Model: Cristal Vang
Title: Booty-ful
Video Length: 3:32 min
Description:Second of only many videos to be released of the hottest Hmong model in the industry. She'll make you ask, "what do the other Hmong models look like?"

Model: Genevive Valente
Title: Red Thong
Video Length: 4:27 min
Description:Once a model a couple of years ago she took some time out to travel and now to everyone's delight she's back and now with her very own site...Genevive Valente

Model: Veronica Ricci
Title: Simple Plaid
Video Length: 3:32 min
Description:See this hottie go through her recent release in Penthouse magazine, and she'll show you why magazines are obsolete.

Model: Cristal Vang
Title: Bubble Bath
Video Length: 4:08 min
Description:Cristal Vang no longer has a website, which makes Nitin Productions one of the only place with exclusive content of her.

Model: Cristal Vang
Title: Black Dots
Video Length: 4:20 min
Description:If you ever enjoyed playing connect the dots when you were a kid, you'll definitely enjoy it now.
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