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Model: Marcell & CJ
Title: Bed Roll
Video Length: 6:51 min
Description: You've seen Marcell earlier in her very first photoshoot on this VIDEO page, and now she's here for good. See here first and go over to CJ Miles Website to see more.

Model: Mai Mao
Title: Lucky Chair
Video Length: 3:54 min
Description:The newest of all the Nitin Girls to be released, Mai Mao will make your mouth water and heart's melt in utter bless with all the curves of a goddess.

Model: Jacqueline Angara
Title: Naked Bed
Video Length: 5:46 min
Description:Jacqueline is one of the girls that got away from starting an official website, so if you want this to change find her, tell her, and we'll take care of the rest.

Model: Mai Mao
Title: Red and Black
Video Length: 4:08 min
Description:What's red, black, and covers very little? Who cares she's got it on the floor now.

Model: Honey Jo
Title: Lady In Red
Video Length: 3:29 min
Description:The absolute last video of Honey Jo is finally released, and if you can't get enough of Honey Jo see more at her official website.

Model: Julia Lee
Title: Tickling the Ivories
Video Length: 5:30 min
Description:Julia Lee is new on the model scene that's making some noise, so keep an eye on this Asian beauty.

Model: CJ Miles
Title: Oiled Up
Video Length: 7:04 min
Description:There's an old saying, "oil and water don't mix." However, in this video you'll soon realize there's one thing that does mix well with oil and that "something" is someone named CJ Miles.

Model: Veronica Ricci
Title: Simply In Black
Video Length: 4:56 min
Description:If she looks familiar to you, than you've probably seen her on the newly released Penthouse and Hustler magazines. And she's one centerfold you'll never forget.

Model: Veronica Ricci
Title: Green Cutey
Video Length: 4:02 min
Description:Usually so sexy and seductive in most of her videos she brings the word sexified to life, but in this new release she will show a cute girl side as well. In the end however you won’t be disappointed by the sweet masturbation.

Model: Mia Valerio
Title: Fur Coat
Video Length: 4:02 min
Description:One of the most recent shoots with Mia with the hopes of a new official release of her website, so stay tuned her possible website.
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