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sexy hot girl Frankie


Ethnicity: Italian
Stats: 36G-20-30
Height: 5'5
Weight: 100 lbs
Location: Hollywood, Ca
Style: Fully Nude

Frankie is a full time model, located out of Hollywood, California. She has done all types of modeling from guitar advertisements to playboy. She has a very large outspoken personality, but nothing speaks louder than her size 'G' breasts. She calls them her new friends, but we call them a miracle. We think 'G' stands for Gift From God…we could be wrong, but who cares. Frankie says she's a computer geek at heart, so all those nerds out there better listen up, you might have a chance. Frankie is outlandishly beautiful and has an amazingly down-to-earth personality. She has a heart of gold and the kind of body that makes even angels jealous.