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sexy hot asian girl Gayle Constantino

Gayle Constantino

Ethnicity: Pilipino
Stats: 34C-25-35
Height: 5'3
Weight: 105 lbs
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Style: Fully Nude

Gayle Constantino is from Las Vegas, Nevada. She was raised as a Navy Brat and always traveling. Gayle Constantino loves to flirt, and says that she's notorious for manipulating men. We don't know exactly what she means, but we gave her all our money, our cars, our homes…wait a minute. What was she notorius for again? All jokes aside, this emaculate beauty will steal the heart of any man, or even woman, depending on what your into. Her skin is tender, and her eyes will tantalize even the most skeptical of souls. She is beauty and perfection all rolled into one.